1. Complete All required courses
  2. Finish All required reading
  3. Complete 30 hours of ministry training
  4. Maintain an Active Ministry Status through the duration of the program

Christian Doctrine 1 & 2

Covers doctrines of the Bible that are essential to maintaining the purity and purpose of the church and to know the difference between teachings in which we can differ from other Christian groups, and those we cannot.

Required Reading
  • The Bible 
  • Basic Theology: A Popular Systemic Guide to Understanding Biblical Truth - Charles C. Ryrie 
[ISBN - 0802427340]

Recommended Reading 
  • Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith – Wayne Grudem 
[ISBN ‎ 0310124301]

Inductive Bible Study & Sermon Prep 

This class will help improve your ability to read and understand your Bible, and give you the basic tools to prepare a sermon. We must handle carefully and clearly communicate God’s Word, and this class will help you to be sure you are doing just that.

Required Reading
  • The Bible 
  • 1 Corinthians Tyndale New Testament Commentaries – Thomas R. Schreiner 
[ISBN  0830842977]
  • Understanding Genesis: How to Analyze, Interpret, and Defend Scripture – Dr. Jason Lisle 
[ISBN  0890519005]

Overseeing a Ministry 

Will prepare you for what you will actually be doing in ministry; Meeting the needs of the people you oversee or reach out to. Knowing how your ministry fits into your church, and what you should be expecting if you are called to lead.

Required Reading
  • The Bible 
  • Calvary Distinctives – Chuck Smith 
[ISBN ‎ 0936728809]
  • A Shepherds Look at Psalm 23 – Phillip Keller 
[ISBN ‎ 0310274419]

Recommended Reading 
  • From Vision to Fruition – Jack Abeelen 
[ISBN ‎ 0996413103]

OT & NT Survey 

This is an overview of the 66 books that make up the Bible and takes a long lens look at God’s plan of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. It’s been said, the OT is the NT concealed and the NT is the OT revealed. It is important to know the whole counsel of God and see how the many books fit together and form the book that most see as one book.

Required Reading
  • The Bible 
  • How We Got the Bible   Neil R. Lightfoot 
[ISBN ‎ 0801072611]
  • The Attributes of God   A.W. Tozer 
[ISBN ‎ 0875097081]

Obstacles & Opposition in the 21st Century Church

Times have certainly changed, but how has that affected ministry? This class helps you understand the pros and cons of doing ministry in the 21st Century and the unique challenges that we face in today’s church. But we also have the opportunities that past Christians prayed for.

This class will open your eyes to many of the common and not-so-common challenges that ministers face. Whether you are a Pastor or not, if you have a part in building God’s Kingdom, you will face opposition to doing His work.

Required Reading
  • The Bible 
  • Survive or Thrive – Jimmy Dodd 
     [ISBN ‎ 1434709191]
  • A Tale of Three Kings - Gene Edwards 
[ISBN ‎ 0842369082]

Recommended Reading 
  • The Hole in Our Gospel – Richard Stearns 
[ISBN ‎ 0785228675]
  • Called To Lead – John McArthur 
[ISBN 1400202868]
  • The Jesus Style – Gayle D. Erwin 
[ISBN 1565992253]

30 Hours of Ministry Training

  •  Leading or assisting a leader
  •  Building a team to help you lead 
  •  Putting together events and outreaches


‣Prayer Counselors    

‣Spanish Ministry
‣Marriage Ministry 
‣Men's Ministry   
‣Children's Ministry 
‣Young Adult Ministry
‣HS Ministry                    
‣Jr. Ministry
‣Missions Team  
‣Evangelism Team  
‣Support Groups
‣Worship/Music Ministry
‣Audio/Video Ministry
‣IT Support

‣Facility Setup    
‣Facility Maintenance
‣Parking Lot Ushers